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Eye Exams in Ontario: What You Need to Know

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An eye exam in Ontario is a periodic and relatively low cost intervention for protecting and maintaining eye health. In a recent survey highlighting the pandemic’s impact on vision care in Canada, it was found that an estimated 1,437 Canadians lost their vision due to delayed eye examinations in the pandemic year of 2020 alone.

Against this backdrop, routine eye exams are necessary for early detection and timely management of eye-related diseases. If you’re looking for more information about an eye exam in Ontario, we’ve got you covered with all you need to know: from costs, frequency, insurance coverage, locations and accessibility and much more. 

Unveiling the Price Tag: How Much Does an Eye Exam Cost in Ontario

On an average, the cost of a comprehensive eye exam in Ontario ranges between $50 and $250 for adults. However, the actual cost is often variable and based on a host of different factors that go into conducting an eye exam. These can include:

Complexity of the exam

A comprehensive eye exam includes a number of tests, each designed to assess a unique parameter for eye health. The Canadian Association of Optometrists, for instance, describes eight different types of eye tests that may be covered in a typical eye exam. Some of these include taking the patient’s history, visual acuity measurements, binocular vision assessment, and refractive correction. 

Depending on your personal preferences and needs, you may opt for one or many of these tests, which has an effect on the overall pricing structure of your eye exam.

Range of equipment utilised

A host of technical equipment is deployed to conduct a sound comprehensive eye exam. Modern equipment such as digital retinal camera, phoropter, auto-refractor, slit lamp, retinoscope, etc. are useful in accurate detection of poor eye health conditions. 

The more technical the eye exam, the more advanced equipment is required, which can significantly raise the actual costs for an eye exam. 

Optometrist’s expertise

The number of years of experience, level of skill, ability to perform different tests, etc. go into determining the fee of the individual eye doctor. 

Latent Eye Conditions

In case of pre-existing infections or underlying disease causing conditions, your eye health may be compromised. In such cases, in depth testing may be required for proper diagnosis and treatment, altering the cost for an eye exam. 

Comparative Study: Eye Exam Costs in Ontario vs. Elsewhere 

The cost of eye exams in Ontario can be compared to those in other provinces across Canada. In a comparative analysis done by the Ontario Association of Optometrists (OAO), it was revealed that Ontario’s prices for a basic eye exam for the adult population is much more affordable compared to Alberta and Quebec. 

Ontario’s cost scheme for a basic eye exam is much lower than $137 in Alberta and $106 in Quebec:

Source: Ontario Association of Optometrists

In fact, the rate of reimbursement for performing eye exams in Ontario has been a bone of contention between the Government and optometrists’ groups. The latter have long contested that they are reimbursed at the lowest rate across Canada. The Government has, over the years, inked an agreement with the OAO expanding the insurance coverage for eye exams for residents of all age groups.  

Expanded Coverage: Assessing Ontario Health Insurance Plan

Infants and Young Adults (under 19 years)

For children under the age of 19, the OHIP covers annual comprehensive eye exams. This coverage extends to children and young adults and helps ensure early detection and treatment of vision problems. If ocular health is not treated and corrected among children, it has the potential to negatively  impact their overall learning and development, and thus this age group has received special attention. 

Adults (20-64 years)

For this age group, the provincial healthcare plan does not insure routine eye exams. However, the 2023 plan has added certain specific medical conditions or emergencies as exceptions. 

Senior Citizens (65 years and above)

For this age group, just like for children below 19 years of age, one annual comprehensive eye exam has been covered by the OHIP. Additionally, any follow-up assessments deemed necessary by the optometrist are also insured.

Better Safe Than Sorry: Prioritising Regular Eye Checkups

An eye exam may cost you a little, but not getting a timely eye exam can cost you a lot more. In order to ensure satisfactory ocular health, it is important to prioritise periodic eye exams.
Beyond checking for visual acuity, comprehensive eye exams can also detect early signs of various eye conditions and systemic diseases, including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases,  hypertension, and even certain cancers. This ensures timely interventions to ensure overall well being.

In this regard, the Canadian Association of Optometrists gives guidelines on the ideal frequency of eye exams for different age groups: 


While it is generally recommended for children to undergo their first eye exam between the ages of six and twelve months, youngsters between the age of six and eighteen years should ideally undergo yearly eye exams. 

Senior citizens, on the other hand, are regarded as a high risk group susceptible to developing vision impairments and must take annual eye exams as well. 

All Round Eye Health: Why Comprehensive Eye Exams

Many serious eye conditions only start to show obvious symptoms when they have progressed to a serious stage. Comprehensive eye testing performed by an optometrist can accurately diagnose, treat, and help prevent diseases and disorders affecting the visual system. 


Detect in time

Underlying eye conditions such as glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration are hard to catch as they seldom exhibit early stage symptoms. Regular comprehensive eye exams enable early detection and timely intervention, which can potentially prevent vision loss and irreversible damage. 

Tracking sudden vision changes

As we age, vision capacity tends to fluctuate. Prioritising regular eye exams with a skilled  optometrist can enable monitoring changes in vision. This helps to prescribe corrective measures as needed, such as glasses or contact lenses to better manage it.

Many other health benefits

The eyes offer a window into overall health. A comprehensive eye exam covers a host of assessments that involve examining the blood vessels and structures within the eye. This helps optometrists identify signs of hereditary diseases like diabetes and hypertension, prompting further medical evaluation and treatment.

Not Getting Eye Exams in Ontario Can Cost You

While costs and coverage may vary, an investment in managing eye health reaps solid dividends in maintaining a high quality of life for individuals of all ages. By being mindful and proactive about eye care, we can preserve vision and overall well being. 

At Image Optical, we offer quick and seamless consultation with our learned optometrists. Book a call with us today to schedule an eye exam!


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