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Focusing on Eye Health from a Young Age

Vision care is an important aspect of daily living for all ages. The conversation can default to the importance of consistent eye exams for adults when discussing a trip to the optometrist for a check-up.

Children’s eye exams are just as important! Consistent check-ups can begin developing healthy vision care habits in your children that they can carry with them through adulthood. 

Our team at Image Optical strives to instill good, consistent vision care habits from a young age. Contact us to schedule your appointment today and start your children off on their vision care journey!

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When to Visit Us

The Canadian Association of Optometrists recommends the following eye exam frequency:

  • First eye exam between 6 and 9 months
  • One eye exam between the ages of 2 and 5
  • Yearly between the ages of 6 to 18

Your optometrist works with you and your children to determine if they need more frequent check-ups depending on their unique visual needs.

What to Expect During an Eye Exam

An early eye exam can help set your children up for success! Your children can get an updated prescription and pick out a new pair of glasses to match their personality. Early eye exams can also help our team check for unique vision issues and developing problems.

Myopia Control

Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, is a vision condition that can develop in childhood and usually continues to increase until around age 20—and it affects nearly 30 percent of the Canadian population. Myopia causes distant objects to appear blurry while nearby objects are seen clearly.

At Image Optical, we offer myopia control lenses to help slow its progression.

As a part of your child’s comprehensive eye exam, our team conducts a full assessment of their eyes to check for developmental visual skills that are crucial for learning and coordination, such as:

  • Eye tracking
  • Focusing ability
  • Colour vision
  • Peripheral vision
  • Eye-hand coordination

Vision conditions such as amblyopia (lazy eye) and strabismus (crossed eyes) must be treated early when your children are young.

If detected and treated early, amblyopia can be resolved completely through solutions such as prescription contact lenses and eyeglasses. Treatment for strabismus also involves early detection, and as a bonus, your children will be able to explore some new prescription eyeglasses to take home and show off at school!

Set Your Children up for Success

A trip to the eye doctor can be an exciting time for your children! They may get to pick out a new pair of frames and learn about their eyes. Consistent checkups also allow our team to stay up-to-date with your children’s ever-changing visual needs.

Schedule an appointment with us today to get your children started on their vision care journey.

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The only grade you’re getting from Image Optical is an A+ when you come in for your eye exam.
Adults and seniors benefit from regular comprehensive eye exams, even if you think you see clearly. Routine visits with your optometrist can help preserve your eye health and detect ocular issues as soon as possible.

Schedule your next eye exam at Image Optical.

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