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Taking Care of Eye Health

We’re sure you’ve heard someone say it before: “I have 20/20 vision,” and off they go, thinking they don’t need an eye exam.

The truth is, everyone should have their eyes examined regularly by a qualified optometrist. At our Brampton clinic, your eye doctor will check how well you see and a long list of other things! We want to work with you to help you preserve your vision throughout your life. Schedule your appointment today, and if you want new glasses, check out our optical selection!

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Eye Exam Frequency

The Canadian Association of Optometrists recommends that adults have their eyes examined:

  • Every second year for those between ages 19–64
  • Yearly for those over age 65
  • Yearly for those at a higher risk (like if you have diabetes)

Your optometrist at our Brampton clinic will work with you to determine an eye exam schedule that is suitable for your eye health.

Benefits of an Eye Exam

Routine eye exams have several health benefits. Not only do you get a fresh prescription so you can stay on top of the latest eyewear trends—we also provide a full assessment of the structures of your eyes and monitor for issues or warning signs of eye disease.

Find Relief from Dry Eyes

You can discuss dry eye solutions with your optometrist at your eye exams. They can check the health of your eyes, so it’s a good time to ask about eye drops or treatments to help protect yourself from the irritating symptoms of dry eye.

When we sit in front of a computer or screen all day, we may experience digital eye strain. Your optometrist can help you mitigate the effects of this common problem. For more solutions, please read through our Digital Eye Strain page.

Routine eye exams are your best defence against age-related vision issues. Because your eyes are constantly changing, you may experience vision and eye health changes along the way.

Some common age-related issues and diseases include:
Presbyopia—When you start needing reading glasses to see up close, you may be developing presbyopia.
Cataracts—Characterized as a cloudy lens in your eye, cataracts make it increasingly difficult to see over time.
Glaucoma—Often called the “Sneak Thief of Sight,” glaucoma affects your peripheral vision first, making its way inward.
Macular Degeneration—Your macula is responsible for providing you with clear, central vision. It can slowly deteriorate throughout life and make it difficult to read, recognize faces, and drive.
There are some treatments and solutions available to help you preserve your sight. Your optometrist can recommend the best course of action for your eyes.

Protect Your Sight & Update Your Look

There are so many reasons to get excited about eye exams. Protecting your eyes from potential vision-threatening problems is a great way to preserve your vision into the future. 

Once you have an updated prescription, you can browse through our stylish selection of frames or order your new contact lenses. Get started with an eye exam today.

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The only grade you’re getting from Image Optical is an A+ when you come in for your eye exam.
Adults and seniors benefit from regular comprehensive eye exams, even if you think you see clearly. Routine visits with your optometrist can help preserve your eye health and detect ocular issues as soon as possible.

Schedule your next eye exam at Image Optical.

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